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It is common knowledge to seek out the root of issues before solving a problem, but that is a step taken when the basic knowledge is available.

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Our clients say

“You guys are absolutely amazing… you all have changed my life!!!! If you haven’t signed up for Credit Expert do it NOW!”

— Shanequa

Waldorf, MD

“These guys are the best!!! Helped me recover from some major dings and allowed me to now have scores in the 700s! Just purchased a new home and couldn’t believe how fast their system worked for me!!! Highly recommend them!”

— Greg

Sioux Falls, SD

“I have worked with other credit repair companies in the past and there is no company that I experienced that is as good as CreditStream. They thoroughly explained what they could do during the free consultation and explained that I would pay no service fee if nothing was deleted from my credit reports. Everything they said was true. They have made good on their promise, have achieved very good progress and I am very happy!”.

— Steve

Dallas, TX

“The reason I am writing this is to tell you thank you so much. Also I wanted to tell you that your good work doesn’t just improve people’s credit score it improves their quality of life. I was able to purchase a home for my family. My children now have a nice home that they can say is their own. The amazing work that you do not only improved my life, it improved my children’s life as well. I will be forever thankful for everything you and Credit Expert has done for my family. Keep up the outstanding work!”

— Milty

Dallas, TX

“I can't believe what you've done. I am not the easiest person to reach and I'm definitely not the most organized (which is why I went with your company honestly) but you managed to raise my credit score by 172 points, so I'm happy!”

— Beth

San Franciso, CA

“100+ point jump on all 3 bureaus in 2 months and 1 week! I've recommended Credit Stream to EVERYONE! thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU! (Thomas R. told me he signed up yesterday - he's MY referral)”

— James P

Mount Hope, KS

``Let me start by saying this… It is wonderful to finally get hold of a credit repair and restoration agency that knows the ins and outs of the credit business. I used some of the “best” companies and saw absolutely NO results! Credit stream you are truly a blessing to my life. I applied for my first credit card and got APPROVED!!!!! ”

— Richard C

Rochester, NY